The Before Tour Part Two: Inside Edition

77 days after our contract is accepted, we finally have the keys to our home! We are inside! As I mentioned in my last post, the sellers had agreed to let us start working on the outside several weeks before closing. We had tamed back the mess quite a bit out there, and were really ready to roll up our sleeves and tackle the inside. And man, was it grungy!

I shared a sneak peak of this picture with you at the beginning of our story. But I have to tell you, when I first saw the listing photos, I thought the house had no flooring in the living area. I honestly thought that this was concrete.


Oh no, my friends, that is carpet.


My guess is that the owners moved in when the house was built in 1999, they placed their furniture in the living room, and then it literally never ever moved. Looks like a sectional, coffee table and side table to me. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be able to see the Ghosts of Furniture Past.

By the way… it smelled as good at it looked.

There were also some seriously 80’s glam light fixtures throughout the house (which I found odd since the house was built in the late 90s… whatever floats your boat I guess). You can sort of see them in the pictures above and in the dining room picture below. But we will get a little more up close and personal with them in a later post.

I mentioned when I shared the outside, that my “before” pictures are not the best. I promise I took a lot of “in progress” and “after” pictures to show you guys. But as soon as we got access to the house, we went straight into renovation mode and never stopped to take a bunch of before pictures.

What you can see in these two pictures, however, is that the front doors and back doors are the exact same French door package. I love all the natural light the front doors let in, but there is zero privacy. A new set of doors is not in the budget, so we will be working with what we have, but adding some privacy.


We have a nice sized dining room with a pretty vaulted ceiling. I am planning on going a little dramatic with the paint color in this room, because I feel the high ceilings can pull it off. More to come!


The fireplace is odd. For whatever reason—other than in the dining room—the listing photos didn’t really show off the nice vaulted ceilings this place has. This fireplace sits in the center of a wall with nice high ceilings. But with nothing but a painted black mantle (which isn’t even the right scale for the size of the fireplace), what could and should be an awesome focal piece on the most dramatic wall in the house is instead just “blah.” Big plans in store for this guy as well! I’ve always wanted a fireplace, so I’m excited to give this one a facelift and make it something special.

In addition to the yuck-o-rama carpets, the main living areas also have some linoleum that’s in pretty bad shape. There is obvious water damage in the kitchen and the floors are warped and peeling in this cute little breakfast nook that overlooks the pool. We plan on taking those windows to the next level with some craftsman-style trim and doing something to spruce up the bar area as well.


The kitchen itself has a nice footprint. You can’t see it in these pictures either (inserts a quarter in the bad-blogger jar for each time I tell you I don’t have good before picture), but just like the living room it also has a nice high vaulted ceiling that peaks just above the oven.


The warped, dingy, laminate cabinets with their chipped rusty hardware and the faux-wood edged counters are doing no favors to the potential that this space has. I see a dream kitchen here, we just have to rip out everything that’s there and start from scratch. No big deal, right?



There are three bedrooms that have the same rough carpet, but two bathrooms that are in surprisingly good shape. The hall bathroom looked like it had literally never been used. Like, I’m seriously not sure if water had ever run through the showerhead.


The finishes are not “dream home,” but unlike the kitchen, they are in good shape. The colors are neutral (unlike our first fixer-upper that had one powder blue laminate bathroom and one emerald green laminate bathroom) so we decide we can live with them. The bathrooms will get minor cosmetic updates and we will make them exactly what we want down the road.


So now that you’ve seen what we are up against, here’s a run down of our priority project list (with a lot more little projects to come along the way):

  • Paint it all… every square inch
  • New flooring everywhere except in the two bathrooms
  • Gut the kitchen and put in brand new cabinets, appliances, counters, and backsplash
  • New light fixtures throughout
  • New light fixtures and hardware in the bathrooms to update them for now
  • Creating cased openings in the living areas and adding custom trim around the windows
  • Revamping the fireplace
  • Adding some privacy to the front doors
  • The outside needs to be painted as well, with new lighting, updated shutters, and a lot more cleanup and landscaping


And that’s just for starters folks! Here we go! What do you think?

Up next: Let’s get to painting!




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