Let There Be Light! Keeping light fixtures cohesive when you’re replacing them all.

When you are renovating a house from top to bottom (and I guess the same would be the case if you are building new construction as well), it’s easy to get lost in the details. You have to pick out every. single. stinkin. thing. Switch plate covers and cabinet hardware, and door bells… things that you use every day but kind of forget they exist until you have to decide which one to buy for your house. With all these details to figure out you can find yourself looking at finishes individually instead of cohesively. At least for me, that is the way things started when I was picking out our light fixtures. [READ MORE]

Discovering Your Personal Design Style: How to Find Your Starting Point

I want to take a break from renovation progress posts to share with you little element of our home that is very special to me. This piece was really the jumping off point that helped me define my design style, and taught me a little life lesson along the way. So I feel it deserves a post of it’s own. [READ MORE]

Finally Floors! Why we chose luxury vinyl plank flooring.

There was a moment… before we ripped a single thing out of this house, and before the first paintbrush touched a wall. I stood in the middle of this grungy dated space, and I saw something beautiful. I could look around and see clear as day what this house was going to be. Not everyone could see my vision. Friends would swing by to see our new place, and they’d look around like we had lost our minds. To be fair, it wasn’t the kind of place where you took your shoes off, or touched anything that didn’t make you want to wash your hands. [READ MORE]

Making something out of nothing: How simple trim work makes a big impact

Who would have thought that a couple of 1 x4’s would give me all the weak-in-the-knees, full-on-goosebumps, misty-eyed kind of feels. I have to say this this is the hands-down biggest bang-for-the buck project in this whole reno. Yes, I know, I just admitted that woodwork get’s me weepy… I’m a nerd for this stuff. But honestly, once the trim went up around the first doorway, this house suddenly turned the corner for me. I could finally see the hints of “forever dream home” starting to peek out from the mess. [READ MORE]

The Before Tour Part Two: Inside Edition

77 days after our contract is accepted, we finally have the keys to our home! We are inside! As I mentioned in my last post, the sellers had agreed to let us start working on the outside several weeks before closing. We had tamed back the mess quite a bit out there, and were really ready to roll up our sleeves and tackle the inside. And man, was it grungy! [READ MORE]

That one time we started working on a house we didn’t own

You guys, I just have to come out and say that the process of buying this house was one of the most stressful things I have ever been through in my entire life. My first job out of high school was working for a real estate company. I ended up working for them for 7 years in a variety of roles, and even had my real estate license for a while. So my experience with real estate does go a little beyond just being a second-time homebuyer. With that I can say that this was the most complicated real estate transaction that I have ever been involved in, in any capacity. [READ MORE]